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SEREN4 is the continuation and evolution of the precedent network, SEREN3, whose results and lessons learnt have been taken into consideration with the logic of improving the future network and in order to capitalize on the network’s strengths. In addition, new tasks and activities will be implemented to meet the challenges of the security area and requirements of new SC7 topics. The network will seek further opening to a wider target of stakeholders and businesses in the Secure Societies field.

SEREN4 consortium comprises 19 Beneficiaries, with a good mix of well-experienced and less experienced NCPs, and representing Member States, Associated Countries and Third Countries. Besides Beneficiaries, the project services will be offered to all officially appointed H2020 Secure Societies NCPs, who will be involved in project activities as “Associated Partners”.

The project activities will be open for Associated Partners on the following basis:

(i)    they will have access to all materials and tools developed by the consortium for providing assistance to the NCP clientele (those tools and materials will be available on the Intranet section of SEREN4 website),
(ii)    they can also participate in project activities on a volunteer basis and receive reimbursement for travel and accommodation costs. On average, 5 Associated Partners will be reimbursed for participation to the following project activities: twinning, trainings for NCPs, for an info days and brokerage events, on the ‘first comes, first served basis’.
(iii)    Twinning will be opened on equal basis for Beneficiaries and Associated Partners.

NCPs from Third Countries, other than South Africa and Argentina, will be informed about all project’s activities and will have the opportunity to participate without reimbursement.

The overall objective of SEREN4 is to strengthen the capacities of and cooperation among Secure Societies NCPs and to provide high quality support and services to programme applicants and the security community at large with the view to enhancing participation in the security research and innovation area.

SEREN4 is a coordination and support action which aims at achieving the following specific objectives in its 36-month lifetime:

1. NCP capacity building: Improving NCP capacities and practices, and enhancing their knowledge primarily on topics related to the specificities of the security theme, taking into account different readiness levels and experience of Secure Societies NCPs in order to raise the overall standard of professionalism of SC7 NCPs services;
2. Targeted services for applicants: Providing applicants with up-to-date and exhaustive information about SC7, Horizon2020 and new FP9, and offering them various opportunities for learning, training, and networking, taking into account the diversity of actors that make up the Secure Societies constituency (including practitioners and newcomers) and the need to engage stakeholders from EU-13 countries
3. NCP Networking and Cooperation: Enlarging and enriching the composition of the Secure Societies constituency, strengthening its internal ties, linking the SEREN4 network to new types of stakeholders to ensure regular exchange of knowledge and information and reinforce the trans-national role of the network;
4. Awareness raising: Ensuring that the information about SC7, Horizon 2020 and new FP9 as well as about the project and it results effectively and timely reaches the target audience with the view to guaranteeing extended and high quality participation in Horizon 2020 and FP9 calls.
SEREN4 activities will be in continuity with SEREN3 project, building on its experience and achievements. In addition, new tasks and activities will be implemented to meet the challenges of the security area and requirements of new SC7 topics.

SEREN4 - Security Research


Increase the visibility of security related research in Europe and optimize the networking between research facilities, universities, public authorities, end users, suppliers of security solutions and operators of critical infrastructures
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